How To Create A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing is getting increasingly popular since new mobile phones have many features that can be used to promote products. You should read this article to find out more about mobile marketing and perhaps start working on your own campaign.

A good mobile marketing campaign should be adapted to your target audience. Do not start developing apps or a mobile website until you are sure the majority of your customers will easily have access to this content. If you need more information about the kind of mobile phones your customers own or about the data plans they subscribe to, you should ask customers to answer to surveys and offer them the opportunity to qualify for a discount. You should keep in mind that most people replace their mobile phones regularly since technologies become more affordable after their original release. If most of your customers do not own phones that support apps, you might have a wider audience for your apps in a year from now.

Adapt your content so it can easily be viewed on mobile phones. This means you should avoid sharing large files such as pictures with a high resolution. Create a mobile website to give people access to some basic information about your business as well as valuable content. Your mobile website will be easier to access if you keep the design very simple; make sure it is easy to navigate without a mouse and avoid using too many pictures so your site loads quickly. Keep in mind that people will be viewing your content on small screens.

Draw attention to your products by presenting your audience with limited offers. Using text alerts is a great way to convey a sense of emergency and generate some interest for a deal you are offering. You could, for instance, announce that you are offering free shipping for a limited amount of time. You can also draw attention to your products by creating original content related to what you sell. Try putting together a quality app that functions as an interactive catalog or create a fun game based on your products. Don’t forget to measure the impact of your campaign by counting how many customers redeem the coupon codes you share via mobile marketing.

Social networking apps are very popular and you should find a way to use them so you can combine your mobile marketing campaign and your social media marketing one. Use social networks to share links to your mobile website, to promote your apps or to draw attention to your text alerts. You could also get people to interact with you by using their mobile phones to take pictures of your products or of your store and upload them, possibly for a chance to win a free product or to qualify for a discount.

Use these tips to develop your own successful mobile marketing campaign. A good mobile marketing campaign should help you get closer to your audience while still providing people with quality content.

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