Let's Win Together

Network Marketing may be simple, but it takes hard work to have any success. It's like a game of cards.  You play based on what you know about the game.  

While you are free to play whatever game you want, It's up to you to apply the winning strategy.  In order to win at Network Marketing, you need a strategy to make sales and build a downline organization - your team.

Let's work together so you can shorten your learning curve to get more clients, more profits and more freedom.

We believe in training and leveraging platforms for downline growth.  We'll show you what worked for us and how you can maximize your earning potential.  After all, if you are not successful at making sales and building a team, then how sustainable is your business?

Making An Impact

“Success is not about what you accomplish in life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”
- Dee Davis

That AhHa Moment

Like you, we saw network marketing as a viable way to generate some extra income over what we earned on our jobs.

After looking at several traditional business models and franchises, it was by accident that we stumbled on the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry. That was more than 10 years ago.

One of our first goals was to break that six-figure earnings threshold that so many networkers want.   While it seemed elusive at first, we figured it out.

Contrary to popular belief, we learned that it doesn’t take a massive team to earn six-figures, or a massive following.  It takes a very basic system that can be easily duplicated and a system that drives momentum.

Get What You Want

Basic duplication is how we were able to build a team in excess of 20,000 independent representatives and customers with our primary network marketing company, and helped others earn multiple six-figure incomes in just 14 months.

When you get good at showing people how they can make an extra $500 - $2,000 per month, you can build a sustainable business. What Zig Zigler said is true…”help enough people get what they want, and you will automatically get what you want.”

We have a passion for helping others succeed. We believe that “Success is not about what you accomplish in life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.” We show you how to start and run a successful business from home. Whether you do it full-time or part-time is up to you. Our strategies fit any timetable, but most of our clients work full-time jobs and commit a few hours per week to their home business.

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Signature Coaching Programs

Gold Alliance Academy

Skills training academy for new, and moderately new Network Marketers available online.

Launch and grow your home-based business to maximize your offline and digital marketing efforts.  Get more leads and sales.

Excel Beyond Average

Personal development and self-guided study available online. 

Helping you to move beyond average to achieve your purpose.

Lifestyle Coaching

Online fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching for busy professionals.

Lose weight, get more energy, and transform your body naturally.  Without complicated diets or extreme exercise.

Ray and Dee Davis are owners of Sivad Management Group LLC, an independent marketing company that specializes in Network Marketing home-business training and consulting.

We show you how to build a team and earn a six-figure income using proven techniques that get results.

Strategy & Execution

Ray Davis is a former tele-communications business owner, probation officer and youth football coach.

Ray teaches clients how to strategize and execute on their plans to have a profit generating home-based business.

“Even though I was very successful at what I did with my previous company and job, I learned the power of word of mouth advertising with Network Marketing. This is where you simply tell someone about a product or service and you get paid when they buy it. 

When you apply duplication to the process, It’s a business model that lets you control your income and get paid what you are worth.  I more than doubled my probation salary in a very short period of time using these strategies with my primary Network Marketing company.”

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Health & Leverage

Dee Davis is an insurance research executive and specialist in fitness nutrition.

Dee provides online health and fitness coaching for professional women and teaches Network Marketers how to leverage systems to grow their businesses part-time, while maintaining their full-time jobs. 

“Going to college and working in corporate America teaches you how to be an employee, but doesn’t teach skills on how to grow wealth and truly have a disposable income. You can learn these skills with a Network Marketing home-based business model.

Unfortunately, at the end of a long career in the corporate world, we can look forward to living on 40% of our salary and dying from heart disease, cancer, stroke or diabetes.  It's a picture of 'brokenness" that is not very appealing.  Network Marketing is the saving grace for a lot of women, both physically and financially."  



Before I teamed up with Ray and Dee, I was sleeping on the floor of my best friends apartment, unemployed and had no money to raise my four kids. I borrowed the money to get started and followed Ray and Dee's system and 13 months later, I was recognized as a six figure earner with the company. Since then, I've made multiple 6 figures with their mentorship and training"

Austin F. - Regional Director (Fort Wayne, IN)


I knew nothing when I got started and I couldn't get any of my team members to duplicate. Ray and Dee were the only leaders in the company that would even return my calls. After implementing the business plan, my organization has grown like wild fire and we are promoting new Directors every week, and my husband and I were promoted to National Marketing Director

Victoria K. - National Marketing Director (Whitney, TX)


I had been in other network marketing businesses but had never found the leadership or training to help boost me to where I wanted to be. I stepped away from them and after saying YES to TLC and aligning myself with the weekly training and solid leadership with Ray and Dee Davis, I see a difference in how my team and I approach our business. Just building with a strong foundation"

Nina F. - National Marketing Director (Little Rock, AR)

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